JVC GC-PX100 Camcorder

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This new camcorder looks quite promising for making slow motion video.
Although the specs also say 600 fps, the 120 fps @ 720p seems more useful
as the resolution for 600 fps is only @ 320 x 176 pixels.
UPDATED: The 120 fps @ 720p has been removed from the B&H web site specs
The price is just below 1000$, which makes it interesting for consumers
From B&H’s site this info can be found:

High Definition AVCHD
1920 x 1080p / 60 fps (36Mbps)

High Definition 
iFrame 1280 x 720p / 30 fps

Standard Definition
iFrame 960 x 540p / 30 fps

Standard Definition
AVCHD 320 x 176p / 600 fps

The lens allows a lot of light to pass through: F1.2 – 2.8 @ 35mm Equivalent Focal Length 29.4 – 294

JVC_GCPX100_side jvc-px1001

App: MeteoEarth

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You can find a lot of different weather apps for your iPad, but Meteo Group beats most of the competition with their new app named MeteoEarth.
If you like specific information about wind directions around the globe, you’ll find what you need in this app. You can select to view wind directions above ground level – all the way up to 9200 meters altitude. This might come in handy if you fly small airplanes, or paragliders.

Audio: Ambient Mixer

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Looking for some ambient weather sounds, I stumbled upon the web site: www.ambient-mixer.com
You can mix your own stuff, or browse the online projects for a suitable mix.
It features 8 channels with volume control, and even settings for a random feature, which allows
you to define how many times you want a specific audio file to play during f. ex. a 10 minute mix.
Ambient Mixer dot com

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