Paragliding / PPG

After watching the video below about paramotoring in Turkey, I got a little obsessed about wanting to try it myself.
My first tandem flight is also my first in-flight video .
I’ve done quite a bit of flying both gliders, small air planes & helicopters, so I guess this is not quite so extraordinary, apart from the fact that I could actually buy my own unit, which I did from Ralf in Germany.
So during 2014 I expect to learn to fly my Powered Para Glider (PPG) by taking a course through a club. Looking forward to finding out how thrilling it is to fly one of these small flying machines 🙂
Photos from the Ebay auction.
Paramotor - 1 Paramotor - 2 Paramotor - 5 Paramotor - 3 Paramotor - 4  
Experienced pilots have a few tricks up their sleeve!
My first video about paragliding – Airwave Paragliding Club @ Gilleleje, Denmark